Access Control

• Industry standard proximity, smart card and magnetic stripe readers
•Schlage AD-Series networked (hardwired or wireless) electronic locks
•Schlage NDE Series wireless locks with ENGAGE technology

• Small and medium commercial offices
• Medical and dental offices
• K-12 schools
• Property management
• Houses of worship
• Retail


What sets bright blue apart is what sets you free. bright blue is as secure as it is intelligent. Its Linux operating system offers reassuring stability and greater security from external threats. Of course, internal threats have to be considered as well. That’s why bright blue also provides User, Operator and Administrator log-on access levels. With bright blue you’re in control of what each person is authorized to manage or view. To enhance your security even more, bright blue’s video integration links card transactions to video, making sure that you’re always secure, and always in control.


You’ll be up, running and thrilled in minutes. The design that makes bright blue easy to use also makes it easy to install and set up. Using the plug-and-play approach, bright blue is designed to make configuration hassle free. This simplicity is what sets it apart from other systems. Everything you need for real security and unmatched accessibility is in the box. Connect bright blue to your existing network and you’re in control from anywhere there’s internet access.


We worked hard to make bright blue easy. We obsessed over bright blue so you wouldn’t have to. It starts when you set up the system. User-friendly configuration wizards and helpful tips make the process incredibly simple. Training is a breeze, too. Even novice computer users will learn how to log on and start managing access in no time. With bright blue it’s easy to add cardholders and set up new doors. You can even assign personnel access to different doors based on their time schedules, security levels and job requirements. And, because bright blue is a web-based application, you can do it all from any computer with internet access. That means you’re free to go wherever business takes you.


bright blue protects your budget, too. Because bright blue is a web-based access system, it’s inherently more cost-effective. There’s no need to buy a dedicated computer or new software. Simply plug in the blue box and go. As your business grows, bright blue will grow with you. You can add new doors and cardholders to the system at any time.

• Support for up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders
• Pre-configured and network ready
• Access anytime, anywhere, with a network connected device
• Application wizards for ease of use
• Standardized reports
• System back-up
• Employee access activity monitor
• Anti-passback function to eliminate unauthorized entry
• Facility lockdown via credential or external pushbuttton (via VBB-RI or VBB-NRI)
• Event Notification via email
Manual overrides to temporarily unlock doors
• Holiday and event scheduling
• Minimal training required
• Door status monitoring
• Built-in web server
• SSL encryption
• Flashable firmware for future upgrades
• Multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
• Video integration